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"It is a collective responsibility to build a better Nigeria, a responsibility for you and I... not the government alone."

omotayo omotosho, mfr.

I attended the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

I started my my broadcast career as a youth corper with the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo state, Nigeria and a short stint with NTA before moving on to establish my Media Communications firm, Pacesetters Communications Ltd. in 1989.

My TV documentary series, ‘Towards A Greater Nigeria’ has had a roll-call of Nigerian presidents since inception. Others featured include Governors, Ministers, Parastatal heads, Captains of Industry.

I published the inspirational book, ‘FROM WANT TO WEALTH’.

President Muhammadu Buhari, after being sworn in for a month and without a word on any medium, gave me audience at the Aso Villa to discuss topical issues on ‘Towards A Greater Nigeria’.

Omotayo Omotosho, MFR

Regulated Tourism Development for Nigeria 2000-2004.

As Director General of the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation, I pioneered Public and Private sector Partnerships for Tourism Development in Nigeria.

Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Development

Towards A Greater Nigeria is now a full fledged Foundation focusing on  Youth & Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Girl-child Education/ Gender issues, Vocations & Skills Acquisition.

Human Capital Development

Wealthstrings Consulting renders training & retraining of staffs for both the Private & Public sectors of our Economy.

"Madam Tourism"

Trained as a Media Practitioner in the field of Information Dissemination and endowed with natural Communication skills. Also, practical experience as a T.V. Journalist garnered from the Culture, Tourism, Travel Trade, Investment Promotion, e.t.c. Nigerians say She gave a face and a voice to Tourism Development in Nigeria.

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Omotayo Omotosho, MFR